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Activity in the field of construction and participation in the construction
During seventeen years of activity in the construction industry, using the technical knowledge of consulting engineers and top experts and observing all technical engineering criteria and standards, Daniel Company has succeeded in constructing numerous construction projects and since its establishment has implemented more than twenty-three projects. Large construction with the total infrastructure of about 64,400 square meters in the fields of construction, landscaping, towers and residential complexes, office buildings, etc which has sometimes been designed and implemented to the stage of operation has been completed.

In line with growth and development, Daniel Company, since 2004 by establishing a branch and head office in Tehran and changing its strategy, has designed and implemented for renovation, reconstruction, and repair of various worn-out buildings with different uses and with creativity and the use of modern technology. Has been able to become a reputable brand in recent years in the field of reconstruction and repair of office, commercial, residential towers, and huge and high-rise buildings, and is now ready to provide services in Tehran and other metropolises at the highest level to organizations and Dear organs and customers.