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Take a look at Airbnb

Airbnb is a virtual marketplace for renting accommodation. Airbnb is available to customers through the website or the mobile app. Through this service, users can arrange accommodation, tourist experiences, or rent their property. Airbnb has no property to rent. Instead, he benefits from each reservation by receiving a commission. The company was founded in 2008 […]

How much do you know about the shipping industry? Who is Carrier?

Maritime transport industry a set of: 1- Shipping operators, airlines and truck owners, wagon owners 2- Activities of support terminals 3- Loading and unloading companies 4- Forwards 5- They are specialized institutions. A transport company is a legal entity involved to carry out domestic-international transport operations Activities of forwards and … or both will be […]

Why development in the field of knowledge?

If we look closely at the cost of technology products over the past 20 years, we come across a chart called the Moore’s Law chart, which says that the cost of sequencing the human genome over the past 20 years has been $ 100 million. And today it has reached less than $ 1,000, and […]

Is the era of oil and non-renewable energy over?

Today, due to global warming and the indiscriminate production of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the phenomenon of the green energy revolution is being pursued more and more seriously in the world media, following which humanity is gradually moving from non-renewable energy to renewable energy such as wind energy and Solar become dependent. But British […]

Activity in the field of construction and participation in the construction

In line with growth and development, Danial Company, since 2004 by establishing a branch and head office in Tehran and changing its strategy, has designed and implemented for renovation, reconstruction, and repair of various worn-out buildings with different uses and with creativity and the use of modern technology. Has been able to become a reputable […]

Team Cultural and Sports Club

It was established in 2010 to discover the sports talent of youth and teenagers and build a base at the national and professional level in an area of 1100 square meters in Behroud Square located in Saadatabad. This sports complex uses the modern equipment of the world and a reputable brand such as Technogym of […]

Mid-term plans

Mid-term plans set Danial Holding tends to invest in new ideas and jobs that are economically and entrepreneurially justified to grow its business, production, and entrepreneurship; This group also invites capital owners to have the best investment in the private sector by cooperating and participating in the collection of specialized Daniel Investment Holding companies. This […]