Danial company entered the field of parts manufacturing industry 46 years ago as Kayhan Fan Sanat Company (KFS) and is currently developing its subsidiaries based on its experiences, including the subsidiaries of this holding. Which are active in the field of food production and distribution, Daniel Trading Company (food production and distribution) can be named, which started its activities in this field in 1999 with the aim of facilitating the distribution process in 22 districts of the capital and using the most modern Logistics processes are currently seeking inter-provincial distribution and production of their products.

Danial Holding with seventeen years of experience in the construction industry has various projects in this field, which owes its success in this way to its best experts and consultants.
Other activities of the holding can be traced back to eleven years ago when the team’s cultural and sports club was reopened to identify and nurture national athletes.

The issue of making the right decisions at the right time has always been one of the concerns of the human mind, which today is much easier than in the past with the advancement of communication technology and the expansion of information resources. One of the most important decisions that a company can make is the decision to enter global markets and carry out international activities.
Therefore, Daniel Holding, realizing this, intends to use its communication, professional and financial facilities to flourish the national economy, production and development of exports, to provide more suitable decision-making conditions for the actors in this field and to develop infrastructures. It is in the maritime transport and trade industry in international waters, especially in the Persian Gulf countries, the Indian subcontinent, North Africa and Brazil, and has a wide perspective on the horizon of international trade.