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Danial trading company

Danial Trading Company, a subsidiary of Danial Holding, started its activities in 1399 with the benefit of educated and experienced youth and for entrepreneurship and job creation in the field of food distribution in Tehran.

At present, Danial’s team, as a capillary distribution company in the field of selling fast consumer goods (FMCG) using elements, indicators and modern technology, has gradually and scientifically placed itself among the leading companies in the capillary distribution industry.

 This collection to cover and supply the goods needed by its customers from products such as hot and cold drinks of Iran and foreign countries with world-renowned brands, all kinds of canned food, pickles, tomato paste, beans, spices, fruit compotes, biscuits, all kinds Packaged tea and sugar have been used in the product basket and have provided the possibility of cooperation with reputable producers to supply their products.

Danial Trading Company has started the year 1400 with the following facilities and manpower:
1- Tehran head office with an area of 500 square meters consisting of three floors with separation of the management unit, commercial and sales unit, administrative financial unit
2- Central warehouse with an approximate area of 1000 square meters, including two separate sheds, office building, and guard room
3- 10 roofed vans (Pride, Arisan, Mazda, and Nissan) to distribute goods on a daily basis
4- One person in charge of warehousing and distribution, two assistants in warehousing
5- 25 capillary sales marketers in 22 districts of Tehran
6- 15 telemarketers based in the company
7- 2 in-person marketers of hot broadcast in the eastern suburbs of Tehran (Roodehen, Jajroud, Damavand, Fasham, Pardis( Comes with a roofed pickup truck.
8- 15 people: manager, sales manager, training manager, administrative staff, accountant, and…
9- Number of active customers based on VIP, A +, A, B, C, D grading Currently, there are about 5,000 stores with weekly visit tours by the marketer of each region (increasing the number of regular customers)
10- Varanger capillary sales, distribution and distribution program (Rastak) and product ordering system and visit as an electronic catalog installed on the tablet.
We hope that with the above facilities and the use of committed, experienced and specialized manpower in the food distribution industry, with your cooperation and assistance, we can be respected bridge producers to deliver your goods to consumers and support national production in Dear Iran.