Danial Company

Danial Company (DC) is a parent enterprise that consists of several subsidiaries. Our activities are diversified into food and agriculture industry, healthcare and fitness, constructions, medical services, transportation and shipping and research based start-ups.
Origins of DC goes back to the year 1975 When it was a leading manufacturing company under the name of KFS(Keyhan Fan Sanat)which had been a reputed supplier of automotive components to Iran Khodro and Saipa, etc.During its life span KFS gained a reputation among the O.E.as well as after-market.
DC intends to achieve success not only in domestic market but also globally for all its subsidiaries.

Holding services

Mid-term plans

Mid-term plans set Danial Holding tends to invest in new ideas and jobs that are economically and entrepreneurially justified to grow its business, production, and

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Danial Trading Company (food production and distribution):

Danial Team Production and Distribution Company started its activities in 1399, after going through the stages of comprehensive analysis and studies, and using a team specializing in expert affairs of food production and distribution issues. The main concern of the senior managers of this company is to create a space. Novin has been in the marketing, ordering and distribution system. The main challenges along with an experienced and professional team along with daily analysis have always been to create organizational unity and use new methods of providing services in this field. Now, less than a year after the start of the company with interest Getting experienced managers in human resources affairs, appropriate organizational chart along with job descriptions of each part of the company by creating motivation and enthusiasm among the organization’s staff has promised a professional activity within the organization.


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