Team Cultural and Sports Club

It was established in 2010 to discover the sports talent of youth and teenagers and build a base at the national and professional level in an area of 1100 square meters in Behroud Square located in Saadatabad.

This sports complex uses the modern equipment of the world and a reputable brand such as Technogym of Italy and has a history of cooperation with the national team in the fields of wrestling, wushu, etc. In the cultural and sports complex of the team, we have tried to provide you with vitality and peace in a sincere atmosphere by observing international standards.
The activity of this collection in the virtual world is only on Instagram to the address: teamgym_
Address: Saadat Abad, Sarv Crossroads, Payam Boulevard, not far from Behroud Square, Parvaz Commercial Complex, Team Club
Phone number: +98-21-22145609

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