Why development in the field of knowledge?

If we look closely at the cost of technology products over the past 20 years, we come across a chart called the Moore’s Law chart, which says that the cost of sequencing the human genome over the past 20 years has been $ 100 million. And today it has reached less than $ 1,000, and th
is is only due to technological advances in everything from quantum to electronic chip design.

If we look at the stock value of the three big tech companies, Google, Apple, and Facebook, in the 1990s, which totaled $ 36 billion and now stands at $ 1.4 trillion, we see the pervasiveness of this principle, known as tech 2.0. But today, economists predict the market value of knowledge-based technology companies, especially in the field of medicine and life sciences, will be very bright in the next two decades, and Google will predict the future, so Daniel Holding is looking for research and development and capital. Investment in this industry.

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